HANZA Electronics Årjäng is one of Scandinavia's major producers of electronic products. The production is certainly an important part of our overall offering - but far from everything. We see ourselves more as an industrialization partner. Regardless of the size and nature of our mission the goal is long-term cooperation. HANZA Electronics Årjäng have all the expertise gathered under one roof, we are a so-called Proximity Unit and we operate in many respects as a small business. Something that allows us to give our customers the best of both worlds. The small company's short decision paths, proximity to production with the flexibility and total control over costs and quality. While you will have access to the large company's security and resources.

Founded:   1969
Managing Director:   Gerd Levin-Nygren  |  +46 708116848  |  gerd.levin@hanza.com
Number of employees:   120
Area:   6000 m2
Unit type:   Proximity Unit
Competence Center:   Design competence to ensure cost effective production
Location:   Årjäng, Sweden
HANZA Electronics Årjäng
Brännaregatan 3
Box 904
SE-672 29 Årjäng